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2.26.24 | Autoimmune
Elevating the Impacts of Autoimmune Disease and Black Women’s Health

While it is unclear what makes someone more at risk for an autoimmune disease, constructs, such as race and ethnicity, and social determinants of health, including education level, income, and other socioeconomic measures, are known to have an impact on health outcomes.  

2.21.24 | Policy
How SWHR is Driving its 2023-2024 Policy Agenda Priorities

SWHR launched its 2023-2024 Federal Legislative Agenda, outlining key areas for SWHR engagement in the legislative and regulatory arenas. The activities are categorized into Core Leadership Activities, Key Policy Priorities and Areas of Active Engagement, and Other Areas for Potential Engagement.  

2.7.24 | Health Equity
A Call to Action to Addressing Heart Health Across a Woman’s Lifespan, Informed by Data Dashboard

To offer solutions and bring attention to IHD and American Heart Month this February, SWHR has released a resource spotlighting actions to address gaps in heart health education for women across the lifespan.

2.7.24 | Heart Health
A Lifespan Approach to Addressing Ischemic Heart Disease in Women

A Call to Action from the Society for Women’s Health Research Despite the prevalence of heart disease and its history […]

1.24.24 | Heart Health
Heart to Heart: A Chat About Heart Disease Risk in Women

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) refers to the reduced blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart, usually caused by plaque […]

1.4.24 | Policy
Opportunities in Women’s Health: A Fireside Chat Congressional Briefing with ORWH Director Clayton

During this exclusive conversation, Dr. Clayton will provide her insights into the current challenges and opportunities within women’s health. This event will also tee up Women’s Health Research Day.

10.6.23 | Health Equity
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Embracing Diversity and Promoting Better Research

Hispanic Heritage Month is an important time to highlight and address the unique health care needs and disparities experienced by individuals of different backgrounds within the broader Hispanic community.

9.18.23 | Health Equity
SWHR Features Uterine Health in the Women’s Health Equity Initiative 

To bring attention to these research and care gaps and help support individuals impacted by uterine health conditions, SWHR has added uterine health to the Women’s Health Equity Initiative campaign this fall.

7.10.23 | Policy
SWHR Submits Comments to ICER on Proposed 2024 Value Assessment Framework

6.29.23 | Health Equity
Advancing Care for Women with Alzheimer’s Disease

A Call to Action from the Society for Women’s Health Research Despite the broad investment in Alzheimer’s disease research and […]