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6.29.23 | Health Equity
Advancing Care for Women with Alzheimer’s Disease

A Call to Action from the Society for Women’s Health Research Despite the broad investment in Alzheimer’s disease research and […]

6.28.23 | Health Equity
A Call to Action for Women Living with Alzheimer’s, Informed by Data Dashboard 

To bring attention to Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month in June, SWHR released a statement of priority areas that could eliminate gaps in delays in Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses for women, among other things.

5.15.23 | Research and Clinical Trials
Reflecting on 30 Years of The Revitalization Act: A Conversation with SWHR’s Founder

During a special conversation, SWHR President and CEO Kathryn Schubert, MPP, CAE will sit down with SWHR Founder and Board Member Florence Haseltine, PhD, MD to discuss SWHR’s role in passing the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 and the progress that has been made in women’s health research since that time.

5.7.23 | Health Equity
SWHR Adds Lupus to the Women’s Health Equity Initiative 

To bring attention to these disparities and help support individuals impacted by lupus, SWHR added lupus to the Women’s Health Equity Initiative campaign this May, in recognition of Lupus Awareness Month.

5.3.23 | Lupus
Examining Lupus Health Disparities for Lupus Awareness Month  

This Lupus Awareness Month, SWHR is reflecting on the need for urgent action to close the gender, race, and ethnic disparities in lupus outcomes.

4.17.23 | Research and Clinical Trials
A Conversation on the Elevation of Sex and Gender in Publishing Academic Research

During this special web event, SWHR will bring together representatives from academic journals for a conversation about what they are doing to elevate the importance of sex differences research and how the journals are approaching policies related to reporting on sex and gender in research studies.

4.14.23 | Policy
“Research Initiatives to Fortify the Health of Women in Populations with Health Disparities:” A Presentation by Dr. Webb Hooper

Monica Webb Hooper, PhD, Deputy Director of NIMHD addressed members of the SWHR Policy Advisory Council to discuss NIMHD’s research framework, work within women’s health, and how NIMHD is working to cultivate a diverse scientific workforce.

3.31.23 | Autoimmune
Final Policy Brief of Four-Part Series Shines Light on Need for Diversity Within Autoimmune Clinical Trials

Recognizing the significant impact that diversity has on the nation's ability to improve autoimmune outcomes and advance health equity, SWHR developed the policy brief, “The Need for Diversity in Autoimmune Disease Research Trials.”

3.31.23 | Autoimmune
The Need for Diversity in Autoimmune Disease Research Trials

While the United States has made progress to close the gaps that have resulted from the historical exclusion of women […]

3.22.23 | Autoimmune
Diversity in Autoimmune Clinical Trials: Addressing Areas of Need and Opportunity

During this SWHR Instagram Live event, hear from experts about why clinical trial representation is critical for improving outcomes, where they see the greatest issues in clinical trial representation, and if federal proposals to rectify underrepresentation of certain populations could improve involvement.