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2.28.24 | Migraine
Menopause, Perimenopause, and Migraine

During an interview for the 2024 Migraine World Summit, Dr. Christine Lay shared what she has discovered about menopause and migraine based on her medical practice.

5.28.22 | Migraine
SWHR Pain Network Meeting Addresses Need to Close Gaps in Access to Telemedicine

An SWHR Pain Network meeting featured Dr. Chiang and her findings on telemedicine for headache care during the pandemic.

Migraine Matters: Women Navigating Wellness Across the Lifespan

SWHR hosted a webinar featuring a panel of women who spoke to diverse patient experiences with migraine across the lifespan, from young adult and student life through midlife and post-reproductive years.

6.2.21 | Migraine
Migraine Matters Fact Sheet

Learning to Embrace Wellness in the Face of Migraine Disease

Experts joined SWHR recently for a webinar on how people with migraine can integrate wellness practices into their daily lives.

11.6.20 | Migraine
Living Well with Migraine: Embracing Wellness in the Face of Chronic Disease

To guide those with migraine in their journey toward wellness, this webinar reviews the wellness strategies outlined SWHR's Living Well with Migraine Toolkit.

9.16.20 | Migraine
Migraine Patient Toolkit: Living Well with Migraine

9.16.20 | Migraine
SWHR Migraine Patient Toolkits

Living Well With Migraine Toolkit 9.16.20
SWHR Debuts Toolkit with Wellness Strategies for Migraine Patients

Living well with migraine is possible. To guide people with migraine on their journey toward wellness, SWHR created the new Migraine Patient Toolkit: Living Well with Migraine.

Advance Innovations in Pain Management for Women

Women in pain need innovation. In a commentary in Morning Consult, SWHR CEO Dr. Amy M. Miller shines a light on […]