Living Well with Migraine: Embracing Wellness in the Face of Chronic Disease

Webinars & Videos

Published 12/12/20


Migraine is a common and disabling neurological disease that affects 14% of women in the United States and is three times more common in women than men. Women are also more likely to experience longer and more intense migraine attacks, more symptoms such as nausea and visual disturbances, and higher levels of disability.

For people with migraine, combining medical treatments with wellness strategies can help improve their quality of life. SWHR’s new Living Well with Migraine Toolkit is designed to guide those with migraine in their journey toward wellness.

In this webinar, clinicians and patient advocates who helped create the toolkit discuss how people with migraine can integrate wellness practices into their daily life across six key areas: physical, emotional, environmental, work, social, and intellectual wellness. The webinar also introduces the concept of migraine advocacy and explains how advocacy can be beneficial to wellness.