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Assessing Research Gaps and Unmet Needs in Uterine Fibroids

September 21, 2020 - September 22, 2020

The stigmatization of menstrual issues has resulted in a lack of scientific innovation and public awareness for gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow in and around the uterus and cause symptoms like heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, bloating, urinary problems, painful sex, and back pain.

About 26 million American women suffer from uterine fibroids, and some of them experience severe and disabling symptoms, leading to anemia, urinary tract infections, or kidney damage. Fibroids can also affect a woman’s fertility and are linked to some pregnancy complications.

Despite the prevalence and significant impact of fibroids, public awareness about the condition is extremely low. SWHR’s Endometriosis and Fibroids Network is working to engage and educate patients, clinicians, and health care decision-makers about the burden of these diseases.

As part of this work, SWHR convened a diverse group of researchers, clinicians, and patients for a closed-door virtual roundtable meeting to discuss the gaps in research, clinical practice, policy, and patient education that need to be filled to improve health outcomes for women with fibroids.


September 21, 2020
September 22, 2020
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  • Review the state of the science around uterine fibroids
  • Identify knowledge gaps in research, clinical practice, policy, and patient education
  • Discuss and provide recommendations on how these gaps can be overcome