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5.23.23 | Eye Health
Highlighting A Blind Spot in Research: The Importance of Sex and Gender Differences in Eye Health

SWHR presented on its women’s eye health disparities paper during a Biology of Sex Differences session at the OSSD 2023 Annual Meeting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Medical professional woman smiling 5.8.23 | Women's Health Perspective
Layla Lohmann’s Graves’ Disease Journey

This is a firsthand account submitted through SWHR’s Share Your Story portal, as part of SWHR’s Women’s Health Perspective series. Twenty-six […]

4.4.23 | Research and Clinical Trials
Hot Topics from Biology of Sex Differences Session

Hot Topics from Biology of Sex Differences Session on May 10 at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MT is part […]

12.21.22 | Eye Health
SWHR Eye Health Network Meeting Highlights Gender Diversity Needs in Ophthalmology and Beyond

The winter 2022 SWHR Eye Health Network meeting discussed gender diversity in ophthalmology and challenges for women working in eye health.

1.14.22 | Eye Health
Eye Health Patient Toolkit Aims to Help Women’s Vision as They Age

The Guide to Women’s Eye Health is a patient toolkit to assist individuals, particularly women, in better managing their eye health.

1.10.22 | Eye Health
SWHR Patient Toolkit: A Guide to Women’s Eye Health

doctor examining older woman's eyes 12.20.21 | Eye Health
A Vision for Women’s Eye Health: Addressing Gaps in Treatment, Education, and Policy for Women Across the Lifespan

A group of eye health clinical researchers, health care providers, patients and patient advocates, and policy leaders met to highlight knowledge gaps and unmet needs that could improve eye health outcomes in women. 

10.21.21 | Eye Health
Eye Health Education Roundtable: Understanding Eye Diseases that Disproportionately Affect Women Across the Lifespan

SWHR convened a diverse and interdisciplinary working group of clinical and public health researchers, health care providers, patients/patient advocates, and policy leaders for a closed, one-day roundtable meeting in December 2021, to discuss the health, social, and economic impacts of eye diseases that disproportionately affect women’s health.

10.20.21 | Eye Health
The Roles of Sex and Gender in Women’s Eye Health Disparities in the United States

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) published a paper in Biology of Sex Differences, capturing insights and recommendations from […]

9.30.21 | Eye Health
A Look at Women’s Eye Health

Vision impairment is one of the most common causes of disability in the United States, and the number of blind […]