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7.6.21 | Menopause
Menopause Preparedness: Perspectives for Patient, Provider, and Policymaker Consideration

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) published a perspective article in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause […]

3.16.21 | Policy
SWHR Comments to USPSTF on Menopausal Hormone Therapy Research Plan

3.5.21 | Menopause
NAMS 2021: The State of Midlife Women’s Health

This year’s meeting, with the theme of NAMS 2021: The State of Midlife Women’s Health, will provide you with comprehensive and exciting updates on today’s most relevant issues relating to menopause and midlife women’s health.

2.11.21 | Menopause
The Health of Women 2021: Menopause Session

VCU's Institute of Women's Health has put together the Health of Women 2021 as a seven-part virtual symposium series, filled with engaging lectures and discussions addressing the challenges and nuances of sex and gender medicine.

Older women laughing with yoga mats 2.3.21 | Menopause
It’s Time for a Mood Change on Menopause

Menopause is understudied in research, often misunderstood by providers and patients, and unaddressed in many areas of health care policy.

12.15.20 | Menopause
Don’t Sweat Menopause: How to Improve Care for Women

SWHR's webinar provides information about menopause for women and their health care providers as well as examine ways that we can individually and collectively improve the quality of life for women at this life stage.

12.14.20 | Menopause
Exploring the Impact of Menopause on Women’s Health

SWHR convened a diverse group of basic and clinical researchers, health care providers, patients/patient advocates, and thought leaders for a closed roundtable meeting to discuss the impact of menopause on women’s health.