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5.17.24 | Sleep
Women & Caregiving: Supporting Children with Narcolepsy through School

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to control sleep-wake cycles, resulting in persistent and excessive […]

3.6.24 | Sleep
Supporting Children with Narcolepsy at School

Narcolepsy is a chronic disorder that is often misinterpreted in children as laziness or lack of motivation. Teachers can mistake […]

11.17.23 | Sleep
Addressing the Intersection of Narcolepsy and Maternal Health Care

During the 5th Annual Scientific Conference of SBSM earlier this month, SWHR held the symposium "Addressing the Intersection of Narcolepsy and Maternal Health Care."

11.6.23 | Patient
Join SWHR in Taking Care of Women Caregivers this November

This November, during Family Caregivers Month and ahead of Giving Tuesday on November 28, SWHR is shining a light on women caregivers and showing our support for the role that they play in society.

Young adult woman with soft smile 11.6.23 | Women's Health Perspective
Ashley’s Narcolepsy Journey

Listen to Ashley’s story about the challenges she faced and decisions she made to manage living with narcolepsy and protect […]

10.31.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy Toolkit Strives to Make Women’s Sleep Health A Priority

The Narcolepsy Toolkit includes information about sleep health across the lifespan to support women living with narcolepsy and their families as they navigate diagnosis, treatment, and care.

10.31.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy Toolkit: A Woman’s Empowerment Guide

10.7.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy & Women’s Health: A Wake-Up Call

SWHR hosted a webinar to share educational information about narcolepsy, including diagnosing, treating, and managing care, and to highlight the experiences of women living with narcolepsy.

9.20.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy in the Workplace: Considerations for Employers and Employees

Narcolepsy can affect all aspects of a person’s life, including work life. Know management and wellness tips for narcolepsy in the workplace.

8.30.22 | Sleep
World Narcolepsy Day Fact Sheet: Creating Awareness, Improving Outcomes for Women