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8.30.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy and Maternal Health: Fact Sheet

7.14.22 | Endometriosis
Gynecologic Network Meeting Spotlights Areas for Endometriosis Research

SWHR's Gynecologic Health Network meeting in June 2022 covered the connections between endometriosis and pelvic pain and abnormal sleep in women.

A mother with her teenage daughter smiling 6.14.22 | Women's Health Perspective
Acknowledging the Dual Realities of Parent and Caregiver: A Mother’s Journey with Her Daughter’s Narcolepsy

Tammy Anderson, an advocate and volunteer with Wake Up Narcolepsy, shared her experience caring for her child with narcolepsy.

4.25.22 | Sleep
Rising to a Better Tomorrow: Addressing the Impact of Narcolepsy on Women’s Health  

SWHR's interdisciplinary working group of health care providers, researchers, patients and patient advocates, and policy leaders met to discuss the state of narcolepsy research and treatment for women.

woman's feet laying in bed 3.18.22 | Women's Health Perspective
Living with Sleep Apnea

Sarah Gorman, patient advocate and president of the Alliance of Sleep Apnea Partners (ASAP), shared her story of living with sleep apnea.

2.14.22 | Sleep
Narcolepsy Program Roundtable: The Impact of Narcolepsy on Women’s Health Across the Lifespan

SWHR convened an interdisciplinary working group to discuss scientific and policy issues around narcolepsy in women, including strategies for better symptom management and how to improve access to treatments and care.

5.11.20 | Sleep
COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Nightmare for Women’s Sleep

Women are more prone to certain sleep difficulties than men. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating these sleep problems.

8.13.19 | Clinician
Gender Differences in Sleep

Healthy sleep can be especially elusive for women, and the barriers that they face in maintaining good sleep health are often misunderstood or overlooked. SWHR convened an interdisciplinary scientific roundtable focused on understanding the role of sex differences in sleep and the state of women’s sleep health research.

3.11.19 | Sleep
Struggling to ‘Spring Forward’? Rethink Your Sleep Routine

Science is telling us more clearly all the time that we are setting ourselves up for failure by ignoring sleep as a critical part of the equation for good health.

1.25.19 | Sleep
SWHR Response to NHLBI Women’s Health Working Group

SWHR responded to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Women’s Health Working Group (WHWG) request for information regarding […]