Women have unique health needs, and most diseases affect women differently than men. SWHR aims to bring attention to these differences. We advocate for women and minorities to be included in clinical trials and for scientists to study biological sex as a variable in their research.

The groundbreaking 2001 Institute of Medicine report, “Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?,” initiated and supported by SWHR,underscored the need to better understand the importance of biologicaldifferences and how to translate that knowledge into improved medicalpractice and therapies. Click to learn more about clinical trials . clinical trials
conditions Differences between the sexes exist and whether a person is male orfemale matters in the prevalence and severity of a broad range ofdiseases, disorders, and conditions. Click to learn more about different conditions .
Sex-based biology is the field of scientific inquiry committed to identifying thebiological and physiological differences between men and women. Thereare biological differences at every level, from a single cell to theentire body. Click to learn more about our public education programs . public education