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6.15.22 | Alzheimer's Disease
Taking Heed of Alzheimer’s Disease: Recognizing and Responding to a Coming Crisis

SWHR, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, and the National Alliance for Caregiving hosted a national webinar and congressional briefing to discuss Alzheimer’s disease and its disproportionate impact on women, and in particular women of color, as well as its health, social, and economic toll on both patients and caregivers.

5.11.22 | Health Equity
Illuminating Disparities and Addressing Outcomes with the Women’s Health Equity Initiative 

The SWHR Women’s Health Equity Initiative highlights statistics on women’s health in the United States, to improve health equity across disease states, conditions, and life stages.

4.24.22 | Health Equity
Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias on Women Across the United States

2.9.22 | Policy
SWHR Provides Comments to CMS on Medicare Coverage Policy for Monoclonal Antibodies Directed Against Amyloid for the Treatment of AD

6.15.21 | Alzheimer's Disease
Women’s Cognitive & Brain Health Forum

Join Springboard Enterprises, the Women's Health Innovation Coalition, and Accenture at our Women’s Cognitive & Brain Health Forum on June 30 at 11am ET.

6.2.21 | Policy
SWHR Letter to ICER on Draft Evidence Report for Alzheimer’s Drug Aducanumab

2.14.21 | Alzheimer's Disease
Biological Sex Differences in Alzheimer’s Preclinical Research: A Call to Action

Although women account for almost two-thirds of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have largely neglected to study sex as […]

10.16.20 | Alzheimer's Disease
SWHR Input to ICER on Assessment of New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

SWHR provided open input to the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) on contextual considerations surrounding Alzheimer’s disease (AD) […]

8.20.20 | Policy
SWHR Comments to NIA on Alzheimer’s Research Gaps and Opportunities

4.21.20 | Alzheimer's Disease
SWHR Comments on AHRQ Draft Report on Dementia Caregiving

SWHR provided comments on the Care Interventions of People with Dementia and for their Caregivers draft report by the Agency […]